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About the Author

As a Graphic Designer:   John is the President of Graphic Impact - Creative Design Services. Logerfo, whose artistic insight specializes in results-driven design. 
As a leading graphic designer, John.’s passion for creativity and effective communication has led to creative branding solutions in all sectors of business.
Most recently, Logerfo has been tapped to produce all graphic communications efforts for Nassau County Government.

More information can be found at


As an Artist:  John has a passion for creativity and enjoys experimenting with various techniques and mediums. He has designed many award-winning
Halloween costumes.


As a Musician:  John has recorded and played bass guitar for many years.

He is currently working and performing with "The Joy of Painting," with Mike Martino, on vocals and guitar; Rob Epstein, on keyboards & vocals; 

and Anthony Falco on drums and percussion. 
John has rehearsed and recorded at Dare Studios, Deer Park, New York.

As a Cyclist:  John is a founding member of the Cycling Warriors Cycling Club of Nassau County, New York. He is also a member of Bike Around Long Island Cycling Group of Commack, New York. Great people to spend time with, can be found at:

John Logerfo is a lifelong resident of Bethpage.

He has researched the 

photographic collections and

archives of the Nassau County Department of Parks,

Recreation & Museums,
the Central Park Historical Society,

the Grumman History Center, and community residents to

presenta visual narrative of this

unique Long Island town.

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